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Naše vodilo je ustvarjanje vrtov in zelenih površin, ki z zrcalijo želje, potrebe in način življenja naročnika.  Obenem so oblikovno dovršene, funkcionalne ter v skladu z obkrožajočim prostorom in arhitekturo. V prostoru in v vrtovih ustvarjamo podobe, ob katerih se razveseli srce in spočije oko. V prostor vnašamo dinamiko spreminjanja narave in letnih časov, gibanje, strukturo, oblike, lepo in naravno.


We are inspired by the creation of gardens and greens, which reflect the wishes, needs, and lifestyle of the client. Our gardens are formally perfect, both functional and aesthetic, while in harmony  with the surrounding space and architecture. In gardens and space we create images that give joy to the heart and rest to the eye. We bring into space dynamics of the altering nature in all four seasons as well as movement, structure and forms – all that is beautiful and natural.


Bernarda Strgar has been growing, researching, and working with perennials for fifteen years and runs her own nursery. She graduated as a biologist from the University of Ljubljana, and holds a degree from the London College of Garden Design. During the course of her design work she regularly collaborates with architects and landscape architects.

Bernarda is a published author of numerous articles and author of the best-selling book "", and appears frequently on national radio and TV shows as an expert on perennials.


University of Ljubljana

Biotechnical faculty / Department of biology

London College of Garden Design

Great Britain

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